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Others – Strangers – Friends. Various residents of Warsaw.

On 15 June in Krakowskie Przedmieście Street an exhibition entitled Others –Strangers – Friends devoted to refugees will be open. It consists of 28 unique photographs by Jacek Herok presenting the profiles of refugees from Warsaw and its surroundings. The protagonists represent various continents, cultures and religions. They all have one thing in common: they arrived to Poland for fear of persecutions that they had experienced in their country of origin.

The aim of the exhibition Others – Strangers – Friends is to increase social sensitivity to cultural diversity of the residents of today Warsaw and propagate the attitude of respect and tolerance towards people regardless of their nationality, race, culture or religion. We would also like to show that refugees constitute an integral part of the Polish society.

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A meeting with the Pygmies at the Hoover Square

On 28 May at 7 p.m. in SKWER – part of Centrum Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny situated at 60A Krakowskie Przedmieście Street a meeting about “the shortest” residents of Central Africa, the Pygmies, will take place. The guest of the meeting dr Urszula Markowska-Manista, a traveller and a lecturer at the Academy of Special Education, will tell us about her last journey to Central Africa and her meetings with the Pygmies.  An additional attraction is the fact that our guest will present Africa from the unique point of view of a person who studies the life and education of the Pygmies Bayaka at the crossroads of the world of traditions and civilization progress, as well as will present the subject of child’s rights in Central Africa. The performance will include slides and films show.

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Picnic in the Bemowo district

On 6 May the Foundation for Somalia took part in a picnic organized by Bemowskie Centrum Kultury art.bem in the Górczewska Park located in the Bemowo district. It was a pleasure to become part of this event!

The team of the Foundation for Somalia prepared a lot of attractions aimed at presenting the culture of Africa to the residents of Warsaw. Everyone could find something interesting for themselves among our propositions. We invited both adults and children to have fun.

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Writing contest – report from the first meeting!

On 30 April at the Hoover Square the first meeting from the cultural-entertainment series dedicated to Africa and implemented on the occasion of an all-Poland writing contest “Africa is a continent in the shape of the human heart” took place. The contest is organized by the Foundation for Somalia in cooperation with Stowarzyszenie LiteRacje, the Faculty of Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw and the publishing company Weltbild.

During the meeting the ambassador of the foundation for Somalia, a journalist and a photographer Konrad Piskała, shared his impressions from an incredible journey to Africa during which he gathered materials for his book. Konrad presented photos from the journey, described the unusual people he met and the places he saw. He told the audience about the current situation in the capital of Somalia – Mogadishu. Elmi Abdi, a Somali who has been living in Poland for years, described how he landed up in our country.

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Secondary school students from Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą meet Somalia

On 25 April 2012 the team of our foundation visited the Secondary School of General Education in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą. Elmi Abdi and Aleksandra Lauk talked about the history of Somalia, its current situation and humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa. Students got to know about the education of children in Somalia, in which there has been a civil war since the 90’s. During the second part of the meeting a Somali Assli Hassan read a fragment of the Koran – the holy book of Islam and dressed up volunteers in traditional Somali outfits. Elmi Abdi with his short drumming concert encouraged students to learn to play drums.

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